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Photos and CD cover: Ulla d´Ailly

Carin & In blanco made in autumn 1995 a maxi-CD consisting of 4 songs written by Carin Lundhquist .
Carin produced and financed the produktion with a STIM -scolarship (25 000Skr) she got for the demo recording: Månstråle (Moonbeam) in -94, made with Magnus Frenning.
The record, Carin & In blanco, have been played from 1996 at the Swedish Radio: P3 (Blazer) och P4 (Musikbolaget). P3 (Musikjournalen) also made an intervju with Carin.)
The music has been described as a mix of singer/songwriterstyle, jazz och rock, with reference to Joni Mitchell style.

baksida av texthäfte
Lenny - Carin - Björn - Hans - Isabel - Roger

The group Carin & In blanco started off at a course in midicomposing during the autumn -94 and consisted off Björn Linder, Hans Müller, Roger Palm and Carin.
In time to recordingsession the group was enlarged by Lenny Sjögren and Isabell Lescano.
Carin & In blanco is not anymore an active group.


At the recording:

Carin Lundhquist: leadvocal, programming
Gitar: Björn Linder
Keyboard: Lenny Sjögren
Bas: Hans Müller
Drums and percussion: Roger Palm
Choir: Björn, Carin and Isabell Lescano

Arrangemangment: the group
Recording: Rockwood studio
Technician: Bernt Overmark.
Mixing: Roger Palm and Carin Lundhquist.

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Lyrics in swedish

  • Öppna ditt fönster 4:05
  • Bara vanliga mänskor 3:20 (Sarajevo)
  • Säg det nu 3:54
  • Amsterdam Oost 4:41

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Lyrics in english

  • Open your window
  • Just ordinary people (Sarajevo)
  • Say it
  • Amsterdam Oost


Carin has comtinued making music with Magnus Frenning in the group grape

Carin & In blanco

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